Saturday, April 20, 2013

Benefits of Open Space

Note: This article was written for my 2nd year LA assignment in 2010/2011 - 2hours before deadline. hee.. 

1. Benefits to personal health.

A recreational park such as open space is an ideal opportunity to explore and develop a full range of abilities. Our physical, social, creative, intellectual and spiritual perspectives were develop when we are in early age through play, culture, leisure learning, sport and travel. The open space can helps to develop children's physical and spiritual development by activities provided in the open space. For example,the existing playground can develop the toddler and child’s mind. They will interact with people that they never know, as part of learning process in their early age. The playground’s element also can helps toddlers and children to learn the basic knowledge that suitable with their learning stage.
  • Sport Participation
The open space can give opportunity for people to participate in sport and develops a wide range of skills and attitudes, including teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, decision making, communications, personal management and administrative skills. The open space usually provides a sport courts, and field for sport activities. It would build character and personal qualities such as courage and capacity to commit to a goal and purpose, as well as values, such as respect for others. It gives individuals of all age opportunities to be actively involved in their communities, which helps them learn positive lessons about responsibility and respect for others.
  •  Receational activities
The open space provide a recreational activities for people in all age, in all condition either they are a normal person or a disable. This activity can strengthen the ukhwah between family members, friends and relatives. It can provide children the chance to learn consolidate and practice the skill necessary to further growth and learning. The complementation of universal design for the open space, that can be use for all people in all age, can give a chance for disable and the elderly people experience the benefits of open space.
2. Benefit to Communities

Open space and parks are essential for strengthening and maintaining a healthy community. Positive impact is evident throughout the community. Recreational activity at the open space brings neighbors together, encourages safer, cleaner neighborhoods and creates a livelier community atmosphere. The facilities help improve a community’s image and enhance the area’s desirability.
  • Method to release stress for urban community
Open space offer beautiful scenery, clean air pleasant surroundings, tranquility and other aesthetic quality that helps balance the stress of urban people in everyday life. Even non-users can enjoy the park’s beauty as a distant view of while driving past in. the using of natural element such as water and the chosen of plantation and the form of open space can helps people to release their stress.

3. Benefits to the Environment

Open space is the ideal mediums for encouraging and developing stronger stewardship of the land. People who enjoy outdoor recreation become more familiar with natural resources and the environment. This would increase knowledge and the environment.
  • Providing and preserving state parks and open space enhance the desirability of an area as well as contribute to the safety and health of the state's inhabitants.

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